Zeelashes ‘Flair 02’

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Lashes Description

Zeelashes are 3D and 5D premium and luxury Mink Lashes. They are reusable, light weight and have sturdy band

Style Name: Dazzle 01,02,03

Style Length :15mm-18mm

Volume: Natural Criss Cross Thick Eyelashes



Style Name: Stunner 01,02,03

Style Length: 15mm-18mm

Volume : Natural Wispy Eyelashes


Style Name: Lavish 01,02,03

Style Length: 18mm

Volume: Natural Cross Thick Eyelashes


Style Name : Flair 01,02,03

Style Length: 10mm-15mm

Volume: Natural Fluffy Eyelashes



Style Name: Dramatic 01,02,03

Style Length: 25mm

Volume: Natural Dramatic Eyelashes


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Zeelashes ‘Flair 02’

$15.00 $7.50

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